FDA Warns Consumers About Hand Sanitizer Packaged in Food and Drink Containers

Did your hand sanitizer come inside of a beer can? Is it chocolate scented?

FDA has begun receiving reports of hand sanitizers packaged as baby food or beverages. In response, the FDA commissioner Stephen M. Hahn stated “Manufacturers should be vigilant packaging and marketing their hand sanitizers in food or drink packages in an effort to mitigate any potential inadvertent use by consumers. The FDA continues to monitor these products and we’ll take appropriate actions as needed to protect the health of Americans.”

The potential for consumer confusion as to what the products are is very real. Some consumers have mistaken hand sanitizers for water with very negative consequences.

Full article: https://www.fda.gov/news-events/press-announcements/covid-19-update-fda-warns-consumers-about-hand-sanitizer-packaged-food-and-drink-containers