How Possible FDA GMO Labeling Regulations Will Affect Your Business

In July of this year, the state of Vermont made a drastic change to its regulation of foods containing genetically engineered plants. Vermont became the first state to require mandatory labeling of any foods containing genetically modified ingredients.

The topic of GMO’s (genetically modified foods) has become a topic of much discussion in the past few years. Many consumers are worried about the use of genetically engineered plants in their food. Whether it’s a valid fear or not, consumers want to be fully aware of what is in their bodies. Luckily for consumers in Vermont, the state has answered this desire with new regulations. The question is whether this will move into the federal arena.

The trend regarding GMOs is moving forward thanks to a consumer driven movement. Generally, movements like these begin in the states and move into the federal realm. That is just what is predicted to happen. As an owner of a food company, you may be dreading this new movement or loving it. If it does reach the FDA or most likely when, you will want to be prepared for what could be to come.