Some Hand Sanitizers Can Cause More Harm Than Good

During this pandemic, hand sanitizer has become a vital. household product to have “on hand” (excuse the pun). This has inspired many entrepreneurs, small businesses, and even large corporations, to jump into the manufacturing and distribution game. This, combined with the FDA’ Emergency Use Authorization for hand sanitizers, has allowed hand sanitizer to become more available and boosted supply. But there is a big risk in opening the gates. The quantity is increasing while the quality, it seems, may be decreasing. Below is a list of companies that have used extremely harmful, toxic, and potentially life-threatening ingredients in their products over the past few months. Remember- these products may STILL be available in the marketplace, do not buy them if listed below:

Manufacturers and distributors alike should be aware of the requirements for ethanol when producing hand sanitizer. There are different grades and methods of manufacture than ensure the product is safe for human skin. FDA is leading the charge to take the bad quality product off the market and hopefully it does not result in a loss in supply we may desperately need as COVID numbers rise.

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